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Letras de Ogre Den de Inred

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Deep in the red forest trees
We are the slime that rage with the beasts
It's an atrocity to claim what we kill
Blood rage in tact for the thrill

We have arrived

Into the silence of the dungeons of deceit
At war with the ogres you will cease to be

Don't give a fuck about your life
Lost forever
You will be gone within the night
Leave our land before things get ugly

Into the siege

The relic had fallen at their feet
Never knowing the power of the stone

Mystical sirens of the ocean of Despair
warn of the ogres
Chaos trembles through the air

Like tyrants of the caverns
Wheels are rolling through ashes
Still hiding - lost terrain
We'll attack when they're least expecting danger


The wind blows through the grove of hate
We the dethroned
Formed in a red forge
Stones as scorched as our eyes
Tusks dig through the dead meat
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