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Letras de The Last Battle de Inred

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Through desert towns and lost terrain
All paths have led us here
In stone huts and establishments
We've stocked on weed and gear

No regret, no option to have fear
No chance to keep in tact
'cause one of us will disappear

I hear the voices screaming
into the cold dark night
My soul is screaming
"Time to fight!"
Like this mystical dream
you will disappear
This is The Last Battle

The mental tactics of your game
I've solved you every time
So many wins have been declared
but this one shall be mine

Our threads of destiny are tangled; intertwined
I'll survive, control your mind,
and make you end the never-ending

As he looked down at the fading hunter,
his mind writhing in disbelief
He realized the only who could prevent total conquest
had fallen in defeat
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