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Letras de You Will Learn de Interface

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We decide who's in the fight
We decide who's wrong and right
We decide who's in the fold
We decide what's new and old

Trust in others you will see
We will show you how to be
Dress yourself in selfish pride
There's no one standing by your side

Join with us so you can say
You think you know the better way
Talk of change shall make you mad
What is good and what is bad?

You may think they are your friends
But look who's laughing in the end
A smiling face is in the light
Just keep your head up in the night

Those in charge make up the game
The rules will never be the same
Passing judgment with no choice
You're left ignored with voice

You will suffer for your efforts
You will end up in the dark
You will suffer, you will see
You will learn in time
In time
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