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Letras de A Curse Of Baal de Intestine Baalism

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In the darkness of the night, drifting mysteriously
Being an omen and the voice of curse
The gravity slides and overlaps the axis
of the other world
What doesn't exist in the real world
Will come into existence

Materialistic notion will be resurrected
It doesn't exist but makes itself exist
The mentally weak who rely on God
Can't maintain even their existence
The reality that couldn't happen in the
human world pushes people's souls into the darkness
The fools who were called saints cry out
forgetting prayers for the god

Those who have ancient wisdom become the kings
They and the materialized baal spread curses
The cross hanging from the neck is the token
It brings curses together
The more you pray the god
The more the negative gravity increases

Plague is spread
The earth is covered with bodies
Sticky resentment floats in the air
The idol gently opens his eyes
Then gives a freezing smile
In the never-ending night
The dark red sun is drifting mysteriously
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