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Letras de A Knight Appears From The Lake Of Blood de Intestine Baalism

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A neigh of a horse echoes under the moon
Evil spirits of forest start rustling
The horse is waiting for the owner
Looks anticipating tonight's hunting
A ripple slowly runs from the center of the lake
Lit up by the moonlight
Then, at the moment the ripple is reaching the Waterside
The lake suddenly turns into bloody red

The rusty odour
The disgusting evil
The freezing air
The silence and the black moon reflected on the lake

The knight of blood, the hunter of darkness
Those who don't accept the sacred
Those who act in the night
The black helmet, the black armour
The angel of darkness and death
As evil spirits of forest start dancing
The knight appears out of the lake
Standing at the waterside and soaked with blood
He is dimly lit by the moonlight
The horse is drinking the blood from the lake
The knight walks to him to mount
Getting a sword out and glancing at the moon
He runs the horse, looking for prey and blood

There are tombs for those hunted, but no bodies beneath them
Stabbed by the knight, the preys are taken away as they are
The bodies are thrwon into the lake
They turn into the new blood of the lake
which satisfies the knight

The glorious neigh and the sword craft attract those who see them
At that very moment, the sword gives a sweet pain
The one who brings the pain to the earth from the hell
The momentary death from the knight becomes the eternal pain in the hell
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