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Letras de Agony In The Stone Chamber de Intestine Baalism

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Two holes where eye have been gouged out
Seem to be darkness which makes us feel the deepness of the abyss
Tonight sew shut your eyelids and wait for twelve days
You shall receive blood-red eyes

Scalding with boiling water
Deteriorates his wounded body
Burned by a searing iron
His skin scorched
Dull sound of cutting his tendon
Casts away his hope
Feelings of the iron bar impaling his flesh
Makes him forget his human life

This sweet agony is your sustenance
Rite to break the connection to this world
It should be pleasant
You are the missionary of agony
You must have seen
Gloom writhing in the abyss
That is where you should be

Oh, our king, please accept this torture

Many children look forward to
Seeing their new generation
A world where love is respected
By your descent everything changes
Night world, without light
Our power augmented to the maximum
To the gods who have oppressed us You will attack again

Let's peel the skin off of your head
As it's something you don't need
On your exposed skull
Horns of the king will be placed
Stark and stiff
How do you feel now?
With the rich agony
Are you slipping out of consciousness

Five fingers cut off, slight trembling
Evidence of remaining corporeality
Cut off earns, Broken eardrums
Silence, feeling only vibrations

Weakened pulse, sluggish blood flow
Feel the weakness of human existence
After the sensations are dulled
Supreme feelings appear
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