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Letras de Alastor Possess de Intestine Baalism

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behind the mirror i saw my lamentable fate....

evil lilith blazing red, astrologer weeping....apparition in my dream
terrified, destined as Baal. Amon. Amy. Gaap....Necromancy is my will

unforeseen, unknown, under the clouds i collapse
whe whispered look at the children, pregnant women

nemesis' sickness is eary, Gomory is slave of gold
luxurious way...virtue
Sodomize all of paradise, capture all of saints
....Hades' darkage comes

antichrist's profanation, Beelzebub and Satan's lineage
....the incarnation of desperate
Rhadamanthus judge, Alastor execute at the gate of hell

lightning strike across the sky....all false kings were swept
under the cross i beg for mercy, Alastor's sadness...alas

most evil beast menaces christians, butchering them the most evil way
occultic number of Sun Daemon....dark moon of temptation
....behind the mirror i saw....End
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