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Letras de Anatomy Of The Beast de Intestine Baalism

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"Malleus Malleficarum"...Scripture for the torturer
all of the innocent suspects are butchered by the lord of flies
he is called Beelzebuh...the tyrant who lost his sanity
gaze into the fire of nocturne, now the ceremonious trial begins

anatomy of the beast...their agonies are his pleasure
their corpses rip to pieces, even God cannot be saviour
anatomy of the beast...anatomized with cult
soon all their wishes turn into desperation
disgrace for the creations of God
foul odor of mangled torsos
death awaits, but the trials continue everlasting
they are captured by the cycle of rebirth

called by siren, enchanting queen of paradise
Gehenna, a place for punishment, gaze into the fire of nocturne
dragged intestines are still moving, like dying red serpents
dying but still alive, ceremonious trials repeats again
pulled out embryos, they are eaten in their sleep
children full of hate, offering for the lord of flies
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