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Letras de Banquet In The Darkness de Intestine Baalism

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At the moment a huge infortune star was placed there
The gate to another world opened
The unknown world was widespread out there
A holy light of hope is eroded
The black sun is materializing an evil shadow
Our guardian angel
The advent of the dark Satan glows

Oh, Lord, give devastating pains and fears
to the Satans!!
Give despair to blind lambs wandering for the
god and looking for grace
Holy moments of us, the creatures who live
in the darkness embracing pains
Lead by the golden rule of the grand evil space

The massacre is going to happen by the disciples;
avalanching from the gate
Although the insane shouts of the saints is bursting,
the god never helps them
The earth is dyed black with the blood of the dead
It emits resentment
Death tide billows, it engulfs souls

This grand moment leads us to the evil era of darkness
To our dynasty of lust where evil exceeds saints
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