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Letras de Corporal Celebration de Intestine Baalism

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Part 1: Captured

the congregation has betrayed against the empire
captured. i cannot resist my Doom
impregnated, the cursed son of Nazarene
profanation, holocaust by the fire of hatred
...i'm intoxicated with the cross impiled on my belly

corporal celebration, the beginning of the end
captured, i am made to confess all my deadly sins
coproral celebration, the fall of the empire
the first bell tolls, the beasts start to devour my flesh

master of the damned, damned at his birth
let the children know their fates

Part 2: Bleeding for the Lord

torturer strangled, my neck twisted
bringer of incineration, please burn my body parts
my body parts still moving to beg of my lord a blessing
incriminations....i bleed for my lord
....by your spell i die, your spell is my wish

incrimination, i bleed for my lord
....by your spell i die, your spell is my wish

i'm the lamb of my lord, my lord is Satan
i'm walking the path to the guillotine
the beast arises in my with wicked sickness
the last bell tolls....Colloseum is in ecstasy
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