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Letras de Dark Surface de Intestine Baalism

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Is there such a thing as feeling?
Is this the thought of a ruler?
Eternal darkness
where no mercy exists
Fear and agony of the people is piercing me
But my mind never wavers
There is no ripple in the dark surface of my mind

Six black wings spread over creation
Dawn will never come again
There is nothing for us to fear

I used to exist as shadow
The shadow could not exist without light
Now it ends
The order is changed
Because of my existence I'm not a shadow anymore
the light can not exist without shadow
Reversal of hierarchy

Omnipotence is born
Which is beyond reason
They are so small before me
No battle is needed to prove this
I do not feel nostalgia for the days I was dreaming
Because I came across the truth
The king of the world and his cosmic consciousness
I will create
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