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Letras de Energumenus de Intestine Baalism

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When dusk deepened around where once stood eden
immortality rampant...no psalm remains
they ask for sensual luxuries, they gasped in primitive caresses
everywhere is death along the poisoned sea of blood

all the virgins are raped, butchered, dismembered
reduced to a torso...my lust is drawn with blood

armageddon...they know the end is near
no grave, scriptures are burned....no request will be granted

the false gods...insane
they drooled from their smiles when they saw the blood
they flung their sperm into the womb of the torso
she conceived crations...they grew

painful spawn so grotesque, rips her cunt that breeds apart
breathing beings in a breathless lifelss body
eat the broken organs, remove them with cannibalistic instincts
the jellied substance they spew out, the cursed creations are born

the Gods trembled with fear, desperate and weeping
the cursed creations grew, the Gods felt regret
....but too late
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