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Letras de Longing For Birth de Intestine Baalism

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Blood of pure virgins has been
Emptied into a stone tur
It is your amnio
It creates new flesh
The curse of the virgins
Remaining in the blood
Must taste most delicious for you
Sleep deeply and discover what you are

You had died and been reborn repeatedly
Escaped from attacks by the gods innumerable times
To heal the wounds we received in the ancient battle
To attempt a war for vengeance

This glorious moment
Birth of the lucifer

Hypocrisy of holy ones has been unveiled
The numbers of people longing for evil are growing
Behaving brutally at the mercy of their instincts
Venerating us, the lucifer's kin

This triumphant moment
birth of the lucifer

Curse melted into the amnio
The cries of agony begin
The time is coming
Frozen mind and dark curse
Supreme evil and a symbol of night
You lead the evil
Saints are terrified and crying out
"Six black wings"

A wave of motion expands within the stone room
The room is filled with a stench and miasma
In the stone room in the different dimension
A tremendous force field has been created

The black sun is floating like a mirage
The only god who bears the king
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