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Letras de Memory de Intestine Baalism

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The place only for existence, the spiritual world
In this static space the memories were abruptly freed
The reality becomes vibration and it spreads
in front of you
The scene crossing your mind
Shows the answer to the truth

In this iris the shape of past is seen
Living in a big and invisible stream
Threatened by big and invisible pressure
You will wander in the big forest without a trail

The prayer invites the light and deletes the sun
The blood streaming in the body loses the place to go
The bound earth sinks in the red sea
Men are slaves of the fatally vindictive light

The light filled with greed
The brainwashed justice
What do you pray for? What do you swear?
Oh, darkness, free your great power
To complete the liberation of the earth

The memory being inherited in the endless time
awakens the earth of darkness without any
slight glimmer
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