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Letras de Principle Of Causality de Intestine Baalism

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Beget the deviation of causality, alter the form of process
It is a law that depends only on mutation and evolves itself rapidly
The density of material and life increases and
The current of time flows faster
The big current that is not supposed to exist in the universe...
...starts to move

I am the omnipotent who knows the essence of time
Nobody can rebel against the supreme intention
Everything is necessity that I assembled
The relation between cause and effect:
(That is) the principle of causality

Hiding in blood (gene) for thousand years
for generations, i've bided my time
It was made by transcendental intelligence
Made by intention that nobody can understand
You won't know the meanings of causality for a long time

Intrusion into the genealogy of life gives birth to the
unusual principle of causality
Then it flows on with a little distortion

My sons were born from the distortion of causality!
Life is evil
Killing is beauty
This is the truth
Forgather on that land, you will see everything there
Your lives have been spun into a yarn for this day

The aspect of this obnoxious planet starts to warn
something is going to be born
On the road to the obvious extinction
It is an existence that transcends even
The principle of universe
He governs all the currents of time
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