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Letras de The Avenger Full Of Vengeance On God de Intestine Baalism

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Drifting on the ocean of darkness
The heart is freezing
The negative resentment flows in
Many deaths pass through
Accepted every pain
The thought goes in, it never stops
I have the only mission

Exceeding every phenomenon
New ego is being made up
I sleep covered with black wings
Until the time to fly comes

Black flame of vengeance
Swinging gently
Falling into the deep darkness
Something comes into my view

Sewn eyelids with the eyeballs taken out
Feel the fear of losing light
A stick penetrates into the peeled and exposed muscle
The ultimate pain destroys the brain
A flatiron is put on the skin and it smolders
Smell the skin burning
The joints are broken off and the bones are crashed
The deep crash seduces you to a nightmare

God, you betrayed me! A forceless hypocrite
Pray and cry, but you don't come down
Just look down from the high place
On fainting away, I saw him sneering at me
You are not qualified to mention the salvage
A bystander

It is a guardian angel that came down responding to my cry
A great emissary of the king
I am going to fly with a sword in my hand
Swearing vengeance on you for the next thousand years
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