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Letras de The Massacre de Intestine Baalism

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Ripping wings of the seized angels
Impaling through the mouth with a pike
Ripping arms and legs of the men
Put them into the cracked belly

They are running away and crying
I am fascinated by their behavior

Wake up, brutality
As it desires
This feeling of pleasure is all
Give me more blood

They recognize that they can not escape from death
Everybody is losing hope
Despaired sight is beautiful
The ultimate art

Give you death with heavier agony
Never give your death by moment
Until your life terminates
Show your insanity

Hunting is continuing
endless hell
Screaming of death is always echoed
And invites you to the nightmare
People are frantic with the coming fear
And losing themselves
They are hungry
Wander around and eat bowels of rotten bodies

The weaker men who relied on the god and escaped from the reality
The more profane the god when they die
You are idiots who can not continue to believe yourself until the end
Your are not necessary in the world

Dead bodies are filled on the ground
Diseases are prevailed
Another fear is infected

Corrupt smells
Smells of the evil world
Fermented smells revitalize us

The one whom you worshiped is still just looking
Throw away your hope
Just wait for death
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