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Letras de Tyrant de Intestine Baalism

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Evil night, in rain the sacred rite begins
rule the cursed creations, stride their corpses
sacrifise and old king....betrayal of the wisemen
we praise the ascension of the tyrant

rip open your womb, pull out the unborn children
hang their meat on a hook, offer them to the tyrant
dig out your intestines to fill an argent tray
scatter the foul blood, dye the altar red

in the sadistic last supper
tied, slowly you die
butchered and ripped from her cunt
your rotten meat....shredded

the tyrant drooled to see you
he laughed at your painful rotting body
he peeled open your organ....crushed
you die stained with shit

the tyrant drooled to see you
striding a pile of bloody corpses
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