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Letras de Ultimate Instinct de Intestine Baalism

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Open the gate
To the place where I used to be
Fly through spacetime as instinct
Proceed to the abyss of reason
Raise my instinct
Now I am coming back

My foe that was called god on the earth
It is intelligence that I had confronted for thousands of years
Two intelligences with no other equals in the universe
We reigned spacetime and controlled virtue and vice

Vortex of causality let me down on this star
Causality of thousands of years now ends
Wicked golden order expands through the universe
Darkness absorbs the brightness of the stars

Light is swallowed into myself
Darkness and silence, time is slowed

Enemy of mine, let's begin
From this cataclysmic moment

This is the end but also the beginning
Can't understand as a human spirit
Your angels are falling
Boundless deep darkness envelops
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