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Featuring mr. black r.o.c.

See quick i told you man listen to me get a boom man
Shit like this right here
I got my niggaz black for me
I got my niggaz rock for me
And y'all know who the fuck i'll be
And for a long time i think you can take so so def for joke
But i guess that's why we rich and y'all niggaz is broke.

Y'all got 1 chance to flow i let ya know
While y'all stratch your mouth i stratch my dough
All so stratch the dose i'ma never get toss
Long get the oh law's a rhyme
Ruff mine to phenomenon mr smith style
You wanna get oh (uh) here he is now
Got to the o caughted blow your shit down
Da to the c you're feelin' me now??
Any hear i got niggaz can mess it up
I'ma here to get mercedes and who ever mess it up??
Than i'mma blow his rhymes out where i'm up for my dogs
I give a mex who pound like a rop
And snoopy in the clubs getting at the roupies
Stash the uzi tonight flash the jervey
You're just posted up we cant be touched
All my nigga say "what we don't give a fuck"!! (uh)
B-boy style i didn't care for five callers
But ya cant brawl for five like killers
Sonny black my mellow my eight playa get on the
Microphone and rock please.

[mr black]
I'm making y'all these niggaz feel the hit howie
Let y'all motherfuckers know me
Three times and niggaz like tony
Follow up in your spot like a navy seales wait to steal
Lay your shit down, plan up a real spittin' flips to chips
Pipes on in your r.i.p.
I brain the pain to the game on the real 'till what??
He and his niggaz like jfk for the thousand a
Nd breaks he 8 and wanna say
Switcha know just mess and reason enough
No motherfuckers shoulda be so soul
All this type dog niggaz you'll be so call
Frog niggaz you all got no love niggaz

And strip your words but take a nigga
See the hurts no motherfucker come pretty
Five for the nurse
Niggaz don't wanna but they say they do
And when your song's to the level puff me and pull through.

You know i'm gonna make them dance when i step in the club

Will i know another way i make them wet and hot

I drop the beat on
I got the heat on
I got this party nigga
We like the street course

You know i'm gonna make them dance when i step in the club

Will i know another way i make them wet and hot

I drop the beat on
I got the heat on
I got this party nigga
We like the street course

Well he fam' again the timble and laces
You tribble in the faces the trick haters
Takers came smooth the hard shit rock jewerly
Like mr. and hotty roxanne hotty super garage
On the charlie's got the auto-matic
So the safest thing for you to do is shut the fuck up
Never to do this (uh) like this niggaz from the bricks in (uh)
You don't wanna wk and get to ya
So you heard we make believe us out the dreams
Now we make murder cases out the sleepers
S to the motherfuckers o to the s to the y'all dime
O to the d to the e f-uck you 'cause we bump you,
Y'all niggaz cant touch us

[mr black]
Assume my position 'cause their comments's a must
Tremendle motherfuckers when his town bust
Explode with angel just follw up in your spot

We got'em sayin' (uh) and they're dangerous
And fuck around keep oh in a rubber all slut
'cause i'm layin' the bills and my man too $hort ooh low
Getting down one more time
For more them making motherfuckers we're underground
I got to give my breil can'll happy smoke
Fucking spanish and sister waiting mama mainly
Side to side ride for the jeep yo not the spit flow
And keep them niggaz on the teepto agos
To the extremity blound of fifteen to see i know
Them niggaz gon' remember me
Get the po-po waiting and i say da mercedes
When another trash like leaving yet piss the past
Life is a pussy catch car to the bounce
Shake your mood and waiting better seen than us??
We suck back and y'all niggaz
And nigga's fucking blass motherfucker with the wrong sex
Jd my mellow my eight get on the micro and cold rock please

Nigga i be like why you want come if you are no time
And named in come in now if you are gon' shine
Is squad m like i am with mile y'all sick

While y'all keep it real we keep it rich
Is clowning pounding round and rounding
Some of most silly shit that ever hit the town this
Screaming out you like me now i'm gettin busy
Ya i stay platinum while y'all get busy
The difference between y'all listen
I get the money and since my ballers takes hits
Is y'all us rich
Now then i direct from the pish
Stay what we make hits deep bricks
With sick and all they lips
Never hit the breaks just continue to speed stay in the line
And why wanna fuck with me???

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