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Letras de Aisha (remix) de J.o.p.

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[featuring brian mcknight usher]
J.p:(talking)this song dedicated to my
Girl my wifey my baby boo! ma i love
J.p:out of all i've been looking for
You the girl i adore first time i met
You i wasn't thinking if i was gonna
Score.i'm a love you for richer or poor
Use to be shy talking to girls but not
Any more. how can we live with out
Love been around for such a long time
Girl your my dime you make night shine
I'm a ask you to marry me in time.
Bryan mcknight: aiisshhhaa!
My senorita!
Usher:so so special so speacial ,baby
Bryan mcknight: aisshha! that girl
Need ya
Usher: never gonna let you go cause
Your my aisha!
J.p: when i hear "these are the times"
I think of you. everyday around the
Same time i daydream of you while this
Rhythm i lace am thinking of you. you
Do what you want i belive in you, i
Miss you at times i wanna kiss you,and
You so fine i'm a ask god if you can be
That angel of mine? how can we live
With out love been around for such a
Long time your my dime you make night
Shine i'm a ask you to marry me in time
Bryan mcknight: aissshhhhhaa!
My senorita
So special so special baby!
Bryan mcknight: aisshhhaa!
That girl i need ya
Usher: never gonna let you go cause
Your my aisha!
(ohhh ohh ooo baby)
J.p:if i did something wrong tell me
More so i can change make your life
Allure am not gonna talk about what
Goes on behind close doors. if i

Couldn't fly you'll help me soar, i'm
Hardcore but songs like this i need to
Go on it ain't simple expressing how i
Feel but baby girl my love is real
Thinking of you gives me chills, spend
My life with you and burn the will
Usher: u s h e r
J.p: my man bryan -where you at j.o?
J.o.p come on canarsie brooklyn thug

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