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Letras de The Reason Why de Javi Crecente

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I can see that it's over
But in my nights I still feel like
If I was holding you

Now I believe it's all between us (it's all between us)
Without your love
You take away what I ever needed

Since the day you left me I can't try
To find the reason why
To all the things you made to make me cry
I still wonder many nights
About the reason why
The love I gave you was not good enough

All the tears that I have in my soul, in my heart
My mind is you and you will never stop

All the things that I feel in my soul and in my heart
They won't leave me until you tell me why

Tell me why

You'll never be the lucky girl that you told me
You were meant to be
You can't see
When someone like me is standing on your side...for real
Oh can't you see the love I feel?
Realise you never tried to see

I know what you're looking for
I think that you could be the one
Life could be a fantasy if you ...
If you come back to me
No matter what you did

No matter what you did
You never tried to see
Never, never, never...
You should believe
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