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Letras de Mother Goose de Jimmy Mancus

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Hey girl, dry your eyes
why you look so down

just take my hand and come with me
we'll turn it all around

I open up this fairytale
I'll let you in tonight

everything will be okay
with you here by my side

Once upon a time in a distant land
there lived a mighty King

married into money, the daughter of a banker
a queen to wear a ring

now Ole King Cole that boy had soul
as everyone could see

he called for a pipe then he smoked a bowl
with his fiddlers three

and as the King came down he broke his crown
throughout the land spread fear

and for the first time the fiddlers chimed
\"the end is surely near\"

but the King stood tall and throguh it all
to his subjects this decree,

\"today is the day I've come to say...
it's time to shed a little light on me\"

Look at this woman who lives in a shoe
had 26 kids in a size 22

ran off one day with the Man in the Moon
and now they're living in their rocket on a beach in Cancun

the ants go marching one by one
straight down Drury lane

they're catching odd looks from the three blind mice
who are singing, all the live long day

now birds of a feather may flock together
the Queen of Hearts will bake

but if I lay me down to sleep with you
I swear my heart you'll take


Little Miss Muffet she traded in her tuffet
for a time share on South Beach

and despite his 8 arms that girl remained
just from the Spider's reach

now the North wind blows, and the Cock will crow
as the Swan swam the 7 seas

then Jack and Jill skipped up that hill
just to X, Y tumbledown Z

love makes a man but a flash in the pan
it's time that makes him great

the Pigs had fun for the Wolf had none
and so he met his awful fate

I wonder what's my place in this human race
I wish upon these stars

how many miles to my Babylon
the ride it seems too far

and now London Bridge is falling down,
falling down,
falling down...

London Bridge is falling down
and I don't have insurance

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
to see what he could see

till GOD came down and said, excuse me son,
but I believe you're in my seat

now all the King's horses and all the King's men
they try as they may

but poor old Humpty walks with a limp
to this very day


Hey my girl, can't you see
I love you oh so well

these nursery rhymes they speak of times
our stories yet to tell

I offer up my world to you
you do the same for me

and happily ever after
in your dreams is what we'll be
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