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Letras de Little Red Rented Rowboat de Joe Dowell

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Little red rented rowboatjoe dowellrefrainlittle red rented rowboat little red rented rowboatnot much better than no boatbut at least it will go when i row row row at least it will go when i rowi saw two pretty girls sunbathing on a pierthey wore jeans way down to herei waved, they waved, they said they'd like a rideso i helped them climb inside to share myrefrain(row row row row row)along came a sailboat big enough for twothe skipper saw the girls i knew what he would dohe waved, and they waved, then he helped them insidejust one girl to ride there in myrefrain(row row row row row)hot-rod motorboat roared up behindthe girl took a look and i could read her mindshe waved, and he waved, he helped her climb insideleaving me with wounded pride(row row row row row)one hour later i saw them againmotorboat out of gas, sailboat out of windthe girls waved, and i waved, and then i passed them bywith my nose held way up high me and myrefrain(fade while repeating "row row row your boat")tmazanec1@juno.com or tom mazanec to humans

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