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Letras de Old Broken Soldier de Joe Grant

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Eileen mcqueen can you tell me
how long it's been since i left for the war
how long it's been since you held me
promising love for rich or for poor
for better or worse, we said we'd be true
now i'm back and the bloody war's through
Eileen mcqueen i can't tell you
how cold it feels when the battle is done
how bitter the taste of the powder
how empty the face of a comrade cut down
for better or worse we believed it was true
for king and for country: how little we knew
so lay me down on a deep feather bed
hold me close and cradle my head
i'm an old broken soldier back from the war
and the way we once loved, i can't love no more
so lay me down on a deep feather bed
let me taste the sweet of your breath
your voice is so soft and your words so sweet
so just lay me down and sing me to sleep
Eileen mcqueen was i dreaming?
i heard you say it was just like before
i looked in your eyes they were gleaming
with tears of delight, promising more
of the pleasure we knew every night, every day
till the bloody war came and took it away

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