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Letras de Esta Noche (en Inglés) de Johanna Carreño

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When I see you I lose the reason,
my body shakes and the heart is accelerated,
I want to me that you watch to me,
that we dance tonight and you do not forget to me,
I want sing you my songs,
and to dream about you,


Tonight we will sing to the love,
while we watched stars both sheltering to us,
will be very quiet because I will feel your heat,
crossing all my body as drops of all your sweat,
my love already you know that tonight you and I are,
in this space our nest of passion,
after this you took my heart,
my heart that by you beats,
so that you are pretty,
is of my eyes the very small one,
is the woman whom it urges to me,
morning takes and all the day,
I with you love would be,
kissing your mouth without moderation,
is that your lips are tremendous beauty,
that such smoothness,
hears my love your if that you have tremendous figure.


Or tonight,
speak me to the ear one and tell me if,
tonight, you are going to follow my rate,
hold me,
feel me,
listens to my beats because,
or tonight you are going to dream about me.

wait me there i'll b,
I count the hours for see you again,
to watch your lips when speaking,
feeling like your eyes,
is confused with the sea,
It be a magic moment,
one night not to forget.

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