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Letras de Por Tu Amor (en Inglés) de Johanna Carreño

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Not Not Not............,
I don't know if I can see you,
I don't know if I can ear you,
But that my heart,
I let bark.

I don't know if I can hold you,
So single I am not wanted talk you,
But I feel that my love,
Today dies by you.

By your love,
I am able of everything,
Your friendship no longer I want it,
I need your love,
and without you I feel that I die,
the hope of a hug,
Follows lives within me,
You you will be by always,
My only love,
Dame of your kisses,
Plenty of passion.

Without your love,
No longer that I am going to do.......without you,
By your love,
Crazy person I am going away to return........si here not
these, Without your love,
I need from its skin.......si I cannot see you,
By your love, Is that no longer it leaves the sun.

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