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Letras de Una Vez (en Inglés) de Johanna Carreño

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A bitter bitter flavor,
feels in this place,
the things do not work,
as one wants them to take.

In this world it is necessary to turn,
giving returned without stopping.

And it is that it is single routine,
makes us by inertia act,
single thinking about anything,
put your dreams to roll.

If not these dead,
throws to kill,
only like this will survive.

Single in your dreams,
your you won this war without end.


Once open my wings,
I could touch my star,
and demonstrate,
that I could be,
that I knew to fight,
that I could alcansarte,
and together to fly... ahhha,


Once on my soul,
I also saw put my life,
until arriving,
encontar to me,
and demonstrating to them,
that I could fly... ahhha.
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