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Letras de Catalpa Waltz de Jolie Holland

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I waltzed this whole town
Through every nook and corner
And cranny and bar

I know you're out there somewhere
Wherever you are

Maybe the sun will rise
I saw it go down
And scattered its golden light
Across the ground
I held you in the alley
My hand on your waist
And your eyes were like diamonds
With the light on your face
Your gentle soul was open to me
And I am so in love
With who you be
With who you be

I always will love
To waltz across this city with you
From the rising of the moon
To the falling of the dew
There's a young catalpa tree
Out behind the record store
I'll always remember
The way you looked at me
Your light was so pure
I could hear the door of our fate creaking ajar
I could hear the key in the hand of God
Turning inside the lock
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