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Letras de One Thing de Jonny Diaz

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I bought my ticket and I paid in cash
I thought that this time the ride would last
And lead me to what I am looking for

I see the world as it rushes by
But nothing new is grabbing my eye
Just everything that I have tried before

Maybe I've been looking in the wrong place
Maybe I've been thinking that the world will
Fill me up full enough but it never works that way

There is just one thing that fills me up
One thing that's true
There is just one thing that satisfies
That one thing is You

Show me everything I did not see
While I was searching the world for what was right in front of me
So much wasted wasting time

I see that I've been headed down the wrong track
Now I don't wanna ever go back
To the way it was all because
You're all I'll ever need

I'm tired of settling for this world and its bitter dreams
There's nothing here that satisfies like You
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