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Letras de Criminal de Jude Harrison

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I wont deny, I faked it
don’t wanna lie, I’m jaded
I wanna scream, Inside I’m breaking down

I’ve left the stone, I was under
I’m running home, you won’t find her
She walks alone, all through this broken town

Going the wrong way down a one way street
Where the feeling is criminal
Nobody helps me out when I bleed
(just look, look)
Looking for someone like me
Where the feeling is mutual
Can anybody see what I see
Cause I don’t see me

I’ll blow away these ashes
I’ll clear his face, to look at it
He stole my name, while I wait in lost and found

I found a place, where I’ll keep you
Cause I won’t live through you or beneath you
I’ll walk this way, where these winds wont bring me down


don’t, let it be
Save it all, don’t waste it on me
Cause it I take a chance
And if I hurt again
And if I let you in, could be my reckoning
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