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Letras de A Summer Rommance de Julia Claire

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Sun, sea and wind castles and dreams beneath the sand
summer's music plays to bring romance
strolling along, we are one, you take my hand
lost by the sea, somewhere coast of france

and your skin is warm against the waves
and the tide will rock, as our love creates
the sea of emotion in your gaze...
summer love tonight...

summer love, take a chance
come on and hold me close, lets dance
a rommance, you and i,
we can never say goodbye...
a romance, flys away,
but i am begging you to stay...
summer love...

moonlight and song, the night will be along and cool to share,
a ship sails towards the gold sunset...
lost in your arms, with your charms tears disappear...
it's too late to turn back, or regret.
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