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Letras de Cat In Disguise de Julia Claire

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i am a cat, i'm only dressed in disguise
i'll hipnotyze you when you look in my eyes...
i am a cat, so if you hurt me i'll bite
i wont be faithful, so don't trust me tonight

stalking down the alley, i can feel a heartbeat
someone follows right behind me
hot breath in the dark wet street

don't believe you'll ever rearrange me
nothing's gonna change me for i'm free

dancing on your rooftop, curled up by your fire
give me soft caresses close now, feel the
heat of my desire

don't hurt me. you know that i am a cat
dressed in disguise

my eyes reflect in darkness
the proof that i'm your best friend
i'll leave you at my leisure
pleasure shows you that i can't pretend

you know you can't resist me
stay with me until morning light
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