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Letras de Ignorance de Kasey Chambers

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Don't wanna read the paper
i don't like bad news
last night a man got shot
outside the house of blues
i'd like to ignore it
i'd like to just pretend
that the reason for it
is something i can comprehend
I don't listen to the radio
last time it made me cry
two boys went crazy
fifteen kids died
and i don't know their families
i don't ask 'em how they're going
they're on the other side of the world
but it's way too close to home
I've got something to say
and i thought it might be worth a
if you're not pissed off at the world
then you're just not paying attention
and you can turn off the tv
and go about your day
but just 'cos you don't see it
it don't mean its gone away hey
We don't talk to our neighbours
they've got funny coloured skin
we see 'em out on the sidewalk
but we don't invite 'em in
we only eat when we're hungry
and we throw the rest away
while babies in cambodia
are starving everyday
We risk our lives
we hit our wives
we act like everything is funny
we hide our pain
while we go insane
we sell our souls for money
we curse our mums
we build our bombs
we make our children cry
we watch the band
while vietnam
just watch their children die

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