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Letras de The Captain de Kasey Chambers

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Well i don't have as many friends because
i'm not as pretty as i was
i've kicked myself at times because i've lied
so i will have to learn to stand my ground
i'll tell 'em i won't be around
i'll move on over to your town and hide
And you be the captain
and i'll be no-one
and you can carry me away if you want to
and you can lay low
just like your father and if
i tread upon your feet you just say so
'cos you're the captain, i am no-one,
i tend to feel as though i owe one to you
Well i have handed all my efforts in
i searched here for my second wind
is there somewhere here to let me in i asked
so i slammed the doors they slammed at me
i found the place i'm meant to be
i figured out my destiny at last
Did i forget to thank you for the ride
i hadn't tried i tend to runaway and hide

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