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Letras de Lose You de Kat Dahlia

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I'm not gonna cry
No, not this time
These eyes won't stop my tears
They fight to stay inside
If I could just keep dancing
Drown out in this silence
And I can't hear my mind
when thoughts start magnifying
But I can't stop fighting
My hand, it gets so violent
Taped up bruised and black
like I did from your hands
Oh baby, oh baby, I'm crazy
I used to see right through you
I'm sipping, I'm drinking
I'm driving, it's crazy
Why can't my mind just lose you?
And no one knows what we've been through
I taught you everything I knew
I gave you everything I could
to show that you was never good
A stranger don't romance me
Cheaper words don't sound fancy
I'm too difficult to decipher
for you to ever break me

And you don't know me like he did
I'm sorry stranger, you should quit
I just ain't ready for this shit
I'm sorry stranger
I'm sorry stranger, you should quit

[Candy Warhol]
Oh baby, yeah baby
Listen up, if love was a war,
I'd strap up my artillery
'cause it's your heart that I'm fighting for
Just to explore something special,
watch you leave your door
Because I wasn't sure what the future for us two had in store
So I step back, told myself to forget that
feeling that I had when I met you
So my heart wouldn't set back
Now I'm stressed at a point that I feel has no return
Delete your number from cell
while I watch yo picture burn
And these thoughts just disappear
'Cause me losing you, girl, is my biggest fear
I got big wounds, big cuts
and a heart that'll never be stitched up
'Cause a now a nigga broken
and my spirits aren't gone lift up
This permanent pain, emotion burning in flames
Along with that picture and the text,
I'm making sure that nothing remains
And from here on out, without a doubt
I will never be the same,
Nah, I'll never be the same
Girl you know love is pain

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