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Letras de Work de Kavana

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Don't try to understand the way i'm feeling now
And don't misread my words cos what i say is how?
I see our future baby no question or no maybe
A chance has gotta come someday...

The way it was before can't carry on no more
This one way love affair
I know you don't seem to care now tell me if i'm wrong
For loving to be strong you've got to...

Chorus :
Work just to make it work
You've gotta work to make it work,
Nothing comes so easy, got to,
Work, just to make it work,
You gotta work to make it work,

Yeah, yeah...

I saw it long ago, i realised you'd never show me,
The way you fel inside, you'd always choose to hide,
We've got a future, baby, no questions and no maybes,
A change is gonna come right away...

I gotta make you see, it's the only way to be,
No more one way love affair,
And now you know i really care,
The time has come to pass if love is gonna last...

(repeat chorus)

If we could reach an understanding, you'd see that it's so
Much better,
Than living our lives on our own,
I know it seems old fashioned, but baby, that's no reason,
To run away from love, cos there's no one above you...

(repeat chorus till fade)

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