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Thanks to mswmsta@aol.com for these lyrics
Kelly p. see i was the one who picked her up when so called friends let her
Ron i. uh-huh
Kelly p. and i was the one who took her in when that fool put her out,
a true friend in deed
you see i was there when shit was goin down
but she betrayed me
i caught her with him comin in from outta town
tell me...

Kelly p. now i put my trust in him
i can't believe he slept with her behind my back
i went out on a limb
i even covered up to keep his thing in tact
what he had in me was sumthin real thats so hard to come about
but he betrayed me,
there was a photo and some laundry that i found
Tell me...
Kelly p. i put all my trust in you baby,
Ron i. ohh wh-y-y
Kelly p. (she was) she was my best friend (through what eva, what eva)
roll with me through thick and thin (my homie, my homie)
sistahs to the very end, and i-i-i (can't believe it, can't believe it,
can't believe it)
Ron i. so just call him up,
Kelly p. no, i don't wanna, i don't wanna
Ron i. call him babe
Kelly p. uh-unngh
Ron i. call him
Kelly p. i'm callin, i'm callin, i'm callin
R. kelly hello?
who's this?
Ron i. this is mister bigg
R. kelly how you doin mister bigg?
Ron i. what da hell is goin on ?
R. kelly what you mean whats goin wrong?
Ron i. kelly's tellin me that you're sleepin wit anuva woman
R. kelly just because she sees me wit her doesn't mean i sleepin wit her
Ron i. well if ya not sleepin wit her what da hell you doin wit her?
R. kelly damn i could be just talkin to her
Ron i. or you could be just sleepin wit her
now son, man to man, we both know tha game
R. kelly yeah but whats that..
Ron i. ...wait a minute now you know all about heartache and pain,
this is my god daughter and i'm just tryin to protect her heart (don't waste
your time)
you may have been a moon to her, but to me she's a star (why why why)
kelly take this phone...
Kelly p. she was my best friend
you were my husband
oh but i don't want you no no no mo, said i don't want you no no no no mo
(wh-y-y until fade)

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