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Letras de Soul Of A Woman de Kelly Price

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this song is dedicated
to all the brothers out there
who've ever loved a woman
whether it was your mother
whether it was a lover
or whether it was your daughter
in every woman lies a soul
and in the soul of every woman
lies the secrets of love
and sometimes
you don't do right by her
but the way back to her heart
lives in that same soul
you just have to find it....
So pure, mmmm
there through thick and thin
no shame in showing
she is your best friend
so strong
and though you've let her down
you won't see her frown
but make it right and look inside
1 - you will find
she was everything your heart desired
but nevertheless, she cries
but you never cherished her
and you took for granted love
you sigh
remembering the times she made you smile
and knowing that down inside
she was the only one
who'd love you forever more
2 - in her soul you'll find
the way to bring her back into your world
grown mind
but she's just a precious little girl
in her soul you'll find
the things that made your life seem so worthwhile
then you can give it in return
So real, mmm
the way she'll sacrifice
only for you
to have the best in life
been too long
you need to let her know
you wanna make it right
you gotta touch her soul to find
Repeat 1
repeat 2
(you can't buy)
can never buy her love
can never buy her love
cuz money just won't fill the void
you made oh no
you wanna have her love
you've gotta earn her love
her soul will lead the way
and show you where to go
Repeat 2
repeat 2

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