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Letras de Soul Of A Woman [interlude] de Kelly Price

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Kelly price feat/shawn smith

i need healing....
1 - i need a healing for my soul
so give me a healing for my soul
Repeat 1
I need healing
[kelly] hello?
[shawn] kelly?
Just for my soul
i need healing
yeah, yeah
[kelly] hello
[shawn] kelly, please don't hang up
[kelly] look, i don't have time for this, alright?
[shawn] listen, i've heard everythign you said today
i don't understand what it is you need from me
just, please....
let me come by so we can talk?
[kelly] whatever
Just for my soul
repeat 1 while:
[kelly] i must be crazy
what was i thinkin'?
i should have just told him he couldn't come
i won't open the door when he gets here
that's all
i just won't open the door
he knows i'm here though
oh god
i'm just so tired of this
[kelly] alright, alright, alright
[shawn] damn, i thought you wasn't gonna let me in, sweetheart
[kelly] you almost thought right
how'd you get here so fast anyway?
what'd you do, fly?
[shawn] why you always gotta be so sarcastic towards me, sweetheart?
listen, i didn't come here to argue
i didn't come here to fuss or fight
i came here to make things right
i want you to know that i understand what i did
and i wanna make things better between me and you
[kelly] how you figure you can do that?
[shawn] well, i can start by saying that i love you
i mean, ah......
[kelly] i've heard that before
[shawn] i don't know what to say, um, this is....
i know i did so many things wrong, but..
[kelly] i don't believe you
[shawn] i, i love you, i really do
can you take me back, please?
take me back
i love you, i want you back
i miss what we had, me and you, i ...
i can't eat, i can't sleep
baby, please, please
i'll die tryin', baby
i, i love you, please, please
i wanna heal your soul
at least i can help
baby, please
[kelly] i don't know, i don't know
[shawn] please, please, i love you
[kelly] i don't know, i don't know
[shawn] baby, please, i love you
i want you, i miss you
[kelly] i don't know, i need some time
[shawn] time, baby? i need you
Repeat 1 until fade

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