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Letras de When Love Calls de Kem

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Verse 1:
i’m sittin’ here thinkin’ about you tonight
and all that you mean to me
i used to think i would never fall in love again
i guess i was wrong
When your heart was broken
when your wounded pride was laid to rest, baby
you’ll never open your heart to anyone else you said
but you lied, i know you’re lyin’ tome
You see your mind might be made up, mmm
but your heart has got it’s own plans
there’s no one to blame for false pride, tellin’ lies, tryin’ to hide
from feelin’ the pain, i know you don’t wanna feel it
there’s nowhere to hide when the love is callin’ your name, yeah
from the dark, babe, nowhere to hide, baby
there’s nowhere to hide, so let love have it’s way with your heart
when love calls, love calls, love calls your name
Verse 2:
it’s on my lips
and i wish that you were still here
to take me away with your kiss
and take me away from all this crazy, crazy
‘cause too many words have been spoken, mmm
too many lies have been told, baby
You’ll never do it again you told yourself over and over and over
you’re wrong, dead wrong, babe, yeah

there’s nowhere to hide, mmm, when love is callin’ your name
in from the dark, baby, nowhere to run, girl
there’s nowhere to hide, yeah, so let love have its way, girl, with your heart, babe
love calls, love calls

there’s nowhere to hide, yeah, when love calls your name
you fall apart, baby
nowhere to hide, nowhere to run when love is on its way, girl, to your heart, baby
when love calls, love calls your name, babe

love’s callin’ your name, hey, hey
it’s callin’ out for, callin’ out for me, baby
love’s on its way, baby, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

i’m sittin’ here thinkin’ about you tonight
and how you make me feel
the sweetness of your touch
the softness of your voice, mmm
you make me wanna be a better man, baby
and i wanna thank you for calling me into your life
into your arms, into your love

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