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Letras de K05-0564 de Kid Dynamite

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When you say you will it really means you might. when you don't come through i shut up, it may start a fight. i feel like such a fool cause i believed in you. i compare the likes of you to the things i do. then the bother builds, i go through it at times. you'd think i'd be used to it, but i don't have the mind to deal with your deceit or wallow at the feet of empty promises or it's royalty. i never asked you to change. i only needed you to be there for me. i just wanted you to stop taking advantage of me. now, i'm not coming around anymore..."hey!" you can call it "fucked up" if you want. smile if you will, a mile, if you can. i don't care, i don't need to be the better man. i'm sorry if it's not the decent thing to do. talk about it, maybe someday you'll see the truth. there's one thing that i know. friends, they come and go. a lesson learned in life and i have you to owe. i'm growing everyday and fools get in the way. if i whistle loud will you come and play?

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