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Letras de Pacifier de Kid Dynamite

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Tell me to go, but i'm still here.
i want to know exactly what you fear.
do you think i'm gonna steal the show?
or that i'm gonna reap what you've sown?
classify. segregate.
don't try to be my friend because it's too late.
don't try to take back those words somehow
i wasn't like you then i'm not like you now.
so lighten up. don't start a fight.
we're on the same side and none of this is right.
so, why don't we throw away the hate and rock tonight!
what is it you expect from me?
want to know who you want me to be.
look in my eyes when you lie to my face.
i bite my tongue from this bitter taste.
your whole life consists of throwing fists.
you're in the back with your jokes.
talk shit about the people you don't know because you heard someone else say so.
take but don't give, you bring shame to the life i live.
can't come to terms that i'm sincere.
i don't care where you go because i'll still be here.

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