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Letras de Camouflage Ninjas de Killarmy

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Masked avengers check it yo
Masked avengers
Camouflage ninjas
Masked avengers

[yes masked avengers...]

The indians near there's no time for fear
Mc's better beware of their worst nightmare
Soldiers of the wu infantry out and locked on your vacinity
Killarmy take on those who walk on the street to the danger zone
When you grab the microphone this is my rap empire
The so called game who get fired, overthrown, stone the devil
Stampede, doing religous rituals, blind individuals
Brothers get lost like laundry, jews on a pilgrimage
My team pack beams on the line of scrimage
The first one that strikes get the advantage
Lyrical destroyers, five in the midst causing damage

Shotguns --?
Shotguns --?
Shotguns --?

As i stab the darkness, faces of death is all thats left
Intensity, filled with suspense, my minds condensed
Subjected to projects not one aspect of jiggy
Dark and senile from the dark ages are dark like the the crule sea
Killarmy, we roll in armoured vans
Mobilizing sinister plans
Fertilizing cocaine plants on forty square acres of land
Extortion, importing, escort services
Niggas too nervous to even purchase on this drug surface
To be committed by the cia
Criminals in the army engage in war games
'cuz we're living in the last days

Most killers make you hate,
The world is too late,
Ohhhh, and it rained.

Yo, yo, yo
Picture this, rap specialist, you know were killing shit
Come equipped or else fall victim to endangerment
I'm certified, high specialized within homicide
To those who die, there by choice, fool its do or die
The wilderness is the battle field by will
I shoot to kill, aiming guns at niggas who squeal
At ease i'm putting sess to my nose, it's urban warfare
Time be here, another one go unprepared, like goldilox
Representing what i'm about, no impersonator
Those with fake moves can get the casket later
Commentater verbal chrome beat that make the lecture later
Fugitive, running from jakes, avoiding major danger
Jail time, ain't trying to get locked up
Though my thoughts be in my high so niggas better duck
Or get fucked up for trying to run the game on point
Situations be coming, waking up that ass with a twenty-two

Yo, yo, yo, yo
My brain hold ammunition for a mental war like a missile carrier
I'm sick like a kid from somalia, carrying malaria
When i rhyme i split razor blades that fix the sound barrier
I exercise my brain with thoughts thats military trained
Lyrical uncontrolled substance damage the main part of the brain like cocaine
My heart push blood that keeps them brave
While others is trapped inside barricades
The new industry order mc's become slaves
They'll all go against the order dig the illa veins
I rush spots, crush plots, then hide out in the marriot
Cops get shot for trying to break up minor scuffles in parking lots
A vision of in the war prison
Held up convicts with ice picks
The lights go out, g's was stabbing his shit
I chopped a rapper from excellence to his back hatch
Windpipes get cracked
Flashbacks attacked like seven maniacs with wooden bats
Daily evidence i erase, can't be traced by jakes
Nucleic niggas from the mind penetrate the star gate
Mc's found chopped up and thrown in lakes
In all fifty-two states, i did it with the help of escape inmates

Most killers make you hate,
The world is too late,
Ohhhh, and it rained.

Who will be free now
Who will be pinned down
Who will be free now

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