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Letras de The Shoot Out de Killarmy

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{movie sample unknown man}

For some warriors the answer is crystalised in an instant their
Instincts point them only one way. the truth becomes undeniable and

[dom pachino p.r. terrorist]

I got a hunger for the mic my appetite strike late at night
Food for thought hold down a fort
Up in the port of riches last seen giving stitches
Grab the can by ? crucifix his team actin superstitious,
One eyein, one fakin, reachin for his iron
And one tryin to get close, i got the toast
And i'm firin, blood gushin, commotion
Still zonin off the war potion

[beretta 9]

Yo wha, yo
We be the masters of circuference,
My thought cant behold body, mind control substance
For the key to this shit, kid
Examin the imposter, group of a uh-life's
My team be deep like a roster, you lobster
You break the edges of all the ?
Cut the tongues off all the snakes
Just one hiss may cost ya, the price of ya life
I should always think twice, remember always think twice
Because mistake may be comin away kid
So wake the fuck up, yo wake the fuck up, yo


Aiyoo, straight up and down
Dont even bring that type of shit around me
You live get ya whole neck slapped off ya shoulders
Quick fast, faster than the eye blink, so why think
You could live amongst the, livest mc's
And d-o-d's that i run with,
And collaborate my thoughts with
To elevate to higher standard as i landed,
But never stranded as the god p.r. terrorist apprehended
Analog suspects on the set

[dom pachino]
Dirty doctrine, killer concoction, rhyme rottin,
Stay plottin, yesterday wake, grenade shoppin
Caught a nice one, grave the vest-a
To track a ? that may get bloody, ugly
Dippin in mud, my soldiers gonna love me
Grab a mic, look into the sunshine way above me
Hold my forehead, today had my daily bread
Shared it with you, make sure my fans are always fed

[killa sin]

Yo i'm pullin wrestiln moves,
My competition headlocked into submission,
While shots are lickin
Pickin through crops of intuition,
Yo my brain starts to change shorts are strange (what)
Names brought in vain, court physical force of unexplained
For the battle of my life in the night light
This nigga grab a mic tight
Strike with a flash of dynamite, right
So figure this, killa get vigorous
A lyricist supremicist attackin the track like ? of villages

Run, we still pillagin dunn

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