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Letras de War Face de Killarmy

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"why did you join my beloved core?"
"sir to kill sir!"
"so you're a killer?"
"sir yes sir!"
"let me see your war face."
"you got a war face? aaaahhh! that's war face now let me see your war face."
"bullshit you didn't convince me. let me see your real war face."
"you don't scare me work on it!"

Where the fuck is your war face son?
(burning season niggas)
(it's not safe no more nigga)

Chorus: (2x)
Yo i wanna see your war face
Soldier where's your war face?
Camouflaged inmates collapse war gates

[9th prince]
Yo, yo yo yo

Check the killarmy
We go to war like tomahawks and indians
From the wilderness of our villages
Desert commander live on the gorgeous fortress like the sorceress
To build up my heritage
Shaolin surrounded by the cruel sea, crabs get stabbed
Chemistry lab is filled with motorous vocab
That drive niggas crazy like arabs in manhatten cabs
Lyrics heat up the airplay, give off shockwaves
That damage the earways for centuries and decades
I be a renegade through rainy days
I collect guns to blast off like shooting stars
Shot up the charts the soldiers from the dark
Stabbin and gatherin dead in the fuckin heart
A rhymin alcoholic, i'm bad for your liver
Unidentified corpse's thrown in the ohio river
I'm psychotic in the tropic
Bullets spark through bulletproof shields of narcotics
Killarmy be runnin train on bobby steels' tracks

Lyrical poems cock back with sharp tacks laced with ajax


[shogun assasson]
Here's the pure and uncut war poems from ancient zones
The black hitler, killer riddler breakin bones
Explosive, overdose the track coast to coast
My shockwaves to keep the thoughts bright like sunrays
My forte is of a higher rank like sensei
Militant, armed to killin and shake the settlement
Searchin crevaces for a wise man's testament
Roll hotly bludgeonin all those competitin
Against i but stimulate ya of life and matter
Cloak and dagger, first i gag ya then stab ya
The apprehender, plus i move like a ninja
No retreat and no surrender
My war agenda

[cloud 9]
Live via satellite, soldiers with mics
Ancient warriors fight, barbarians swingin swords
Killarmy militant warlords
Military war slang who's to blame
Government officials, evil minds that govern this land gotta plan
For the blacks and the tans
Decrease the population of the rhythm nation
By one fourth, wicked niggas is the source
To the force i bring forth causes havocs, sparks bloody riots
Seven days and seven nights of blue street fights
Like boo took all the shells from automatics
Strategic tactics
Caught between rhymes, lines combine to blow up like landmines

[beretta 9]
I strike on universal fish, i'm out the clear mist
Relentless, beat a nigga senseless
Niggas best to witness
At how i gets to business, soldier from the trenches
My offense be my defense with military sequence
Quick to apprehend ya, kid you best remember
Camouflage avenger, killarmy nigga
Surrender your garments and your legal tender
Fatigued ninja with silent triggers

Chorus (2x)

[killa sin]
Yo, i crack chest cavities
Be shatterin knees while bladders bleed
Gat'll squeeze, it's a merciless form of my formalities
I locked down south with hip hop doses of death
Within my breath that i drop to make your heart stop

You can't cope with this vocal dope that'll corrode your throat
Yet alone make a local choke
I strip niggas of they manhood because i'm no damn good
And roll with a killa wu clan in the hoods
Attack vitals, suicidals, leavin idols
Is a record through the land of the lost with the 4th disciple
Stifle enemies, come test
Twenty one in your chest
Killa blessed em with a bloody vest

Chorus (2x)

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