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Letras de Holding On To Self Destruction de Kiros

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Letting go to fade away
To a new form of today
When stars recede
The sky beleds
Light from above
Bringing love

But we'll fight against,
We'll fight against the dawn

Eyelids fighting gravity
There's so much more tht I want to see
But night,
Night steals this time from me

Scream into the night
Start to fight
The dawn burns so bright
Holding onto yesterday
Does nothing anyway
Except relive the pain
Of never letting go

Turn my eyes to what's inside
Gate os my soul open wide
I see the door
Fire that once held all my fears
Now burns my vision clear
Piercing through the holes

How long do we hold on to darkness that consumes us
The hatred that burns us
And the lies that surround us
How long do we never forgive
Never forgo,
Never forget the wounds of the past
How logn do we resign our lives to
selfishness, and hopelessness
How long, how long, how long...
Till the dawn...
How long
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