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Letras de Just 13 de Kiros

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When we were just 13 we
were told what to believe in
it didn't matter to us
what we were seen as
but then at 17 we
cared about being seen and
we lost the freedom of our youth
cause when we were kids
nothing could go wrong
and everything was fun
cause we all just got along
the world was open wide
we had our hopes and dreams
now it's all falling apart at the seams
as we keep getting older
this world keeps getting colder
we tried out best but they gave us
the cold shoulder
things aren't the way they used to be
i'm opressed for what i believe
ignorance will never see
don't you see that i'm not really ready yet
just let me stay right where i am
cause im still just a boy
in the body in the body of man
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