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Letras de Behind The Grind de Koi

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It's been difficult for me
depression was a daily
thing was i feeling like a
clown? how many times
did we move in that town?
the streets were my soul
teacher my allies my only
leaders i'm not asking
for your sympathy cause
all you need to know
i've been
trying for
and you
make it so
hard for me the
weight is on the
children people you
brought their souls into
this world this is your
reality and in case you
have forgot you f******
responsibility and i can't
forget the pain we suffered
but never will i blame my
mother i make my own
reality though you dont
agree with me now i'm free
here on my own so far
from home you were right
now i'm free you told me
to believe and you were
right and i miss you

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