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Letras de One Reason de Koi

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Welcome to my institute
do you want to dance with
me tonight? and i welcome
you but please be you not
and imitation let's be real
i'm sorry if i move too fast
but i dont think that this
will last i'm sorry if i seized
the day i just want to hear
you say give me one reason
to tell me what you want
but i'm never gonna be you
and i'm never gonna
change give me one
reason tell me what you
want? but i can almost garauntee you
that i'm never going to change
welcome to
my institute we
got a situation
let's be real you're
trying to get in my life
but i cant make that
sacrifice the more you
try i push away but i just
want to hear you say one
reason just one she said
"will this last forever?"
"will we last forever?"
"hope this lastss forever"
"nothing lasts forever"

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